Monday, June 20, 2011


For those who are curious, my very favorite cupcake place ever is a little chain in the Sacramento area called Icing on The Cupcake.  (Trust me on this one.  I sample a lot of cake.)

My favorite flavor is the Pucker-Up (lemon cake, lemon jelly filling, and lemon-cream cheese icing).  Beau's favorite is between the Cappuccino or the Beehive (vanilla cake, pure honey Bavarian cream, and honey-almond icing).

While we both love food, we obviously don't always agree on flavor.

As a side note, I did finally try the Neopolitan cupcake after forcing Beau to go on a run during Kintoki-Con, much to envy of my table-neighbors.  And, like all their flavors, it was dee-licious!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kintoki-Con Sacramento, Jun 18-19

My next convention is actually this weekend at Kintoki-Con in Sacramento June 18-19 (this Sat & Sun), hosted by 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE), publishers of such lovely titles as Lackadaisy and The Meek (among others).

I'll be at Table #29 in the Artist Alley, selling prints and "Geeks in Love" buttons. Come say hi!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Everyday, whenever I come back to the house, no matter how long I've been gone, Lily likes to follow me around yelling.  In fact, yelling happens to be Lily's favorite past time. 

I'm not quite sure what she's always yelling about, or why she feels the need to be so darn loud.  What  I do know is she's the yelliest thing I've ever heard. 

With a meow that mimics both the sound and urgency of "NOW!" I assume it has something to do with being picked up and carted around like a princess on a pillow.  As if it's not enough being the royal cat-carriage, Lily also likes to be talked to and responds by making sounds like a grumpy pigeon.  It's tough to say whether or not these sounds are affirmative or disagreeable.  Again, I don't speak Cattish.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Panda OUT

The continued conversation from last week's strip was interrupted by the quite unexpected.

This is pretty much exactly what happened, I swear.

Let that be a lesson to never underestimate the cute and cuddly.  Pandas are gangster.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


*Part 2 of my previously promised "double dose" of strips this week to make up for my lack of timely updates.

Yeah, every single strip of Geeks in Love comes directly from a conversation we've actually had.  This week's took place on the sidewalk outside the San Jose Convention Center while walking back to Fanime-Con after a dinner around the corner with my buddy D.J. Welch.

D.J.'s a fantastic artist, whose talent would otherwise make other artists weep with envy if he wasn't just so darn nice about it.  He'll also be sharing my table at San Diego Comic-Con International (Small Press #N-2), where I will be premiering my first mythology-inspired short comic "Blind Follies: The Tale of Narcissus."

*Next strip updates Monday and will be a continuation of this conversation.

To The Death

The recent of loss of this wrestling legend and jerky spokesman not only left a hole in the heart of 90's Americana, but also left me personally with bubbling suspicions...

In all seriousness, I do apologize.  The strip, like snappy compressed meat sticks, was done in bad taste.

*Part 1 of my previously promised "double dose" this week to make up for my lack of timely updates.  The next should post tomorrow!