Saturday, July 16, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con International

That's right, folks! Next week is the con of cons that everyone's been waiting for and I will be there with a table.

You can find me @ Small Press #N-2. I'll be jamming at the table with my fellow artist buddy, DJ Welch (a.k.a. Dark Kenjie) [link]!
We'll be near the Bayside lobby with the escalators that go up to the panel floor and the bathrooms, so you really have no excuse not to stop by.

*I should have some newer full bleed prints, the old bordered prints, and 100 issues of my Narcissus Short-Comic! Each issue will be hand-numbered, signed, and stamped "first printing" on the interior.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bonus Robot!

Sorry there's been a lack of updates lately.  Since Fanime-Con in San Jose, we have been hit all at once on both sides with a lot of family emergencies and other obligations.  To be honest, it's been a rather tough time.  So I hope you understand.  I plan to return to weekly updates of "Geeks in Love" next week, and should also be posting my short mythology comic "Blind Follies:  The Tale of Narcissus".

And while these other things like family emergencies aren't very funny, here is something that is...

Here is a sketch Beau did of me for his upcoming spotlight in the "I'm Not The Artist" feature blog created by Darlene (a.k.a. wife of Paul Horn of Cool Jerk Comics).

A lot of my friends and fellow artists and their tireless support systems are featured there, so you should check it out.  It's an amusing and often humorous behind-the-scenes look at those individuals we artists have come to rely on so much that they are often mistaken for the artist themselves.  Read it!