Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yoga Flame

I have always been a fan of exercise and have recently been enjoying the addition of yoga to my fitness repertoire.  It took a considerable amount of poking and prodding, but I also finally got Beau on the bandwagon.  While I'm happy to have a partner in my pursuit of flexibility and tranquility, I have a feeling Beau is only in it for the really advanced stuff

Monday, September 12, 2011


Lily doesn't know the meaning of patience.  Now Beau makes absolutely sure he leaves the lid on the litter bucket when scooping the box.  Always an adventure in a cat household.

(Fun fact:  I made the curtains for the lid to the litter box out of my old work shirts.  It was a crappy job, so it seemed appropriate.  Ba-dum-PSH!)

Friday, September 9, 2011


So my convention season is finally over!  I'm actually really excited, not only to get back to regularly scheduled "Geeks in Love" updates, but also to work on my portfolio and an even better table setup for next year's conventions.

In my hunt for better products (like higher quality prints), I've come up with some pretty interesting results...

Remember, kids, spelling is important!  Using it incorrectly can yield false expectations.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Strip Tomorrow! (And Other News)

I am happy to announce that "Geeks in Love" will be returning to it's regular weekly schedule, starting tomorrow!  (I mean it this time.)  Also next week, it will be returning to Mondays.  (Last time I change it, I swear.)

Our Sempai at the dojo, Patrick.
After my caricatures of myself and
Beau doing Iai,the rest of the dojo
was pretty excited about seeing
even more Iai caricatures.

Other News...
Sac-Anime Summer '11 turned out to be yet another success, thanks to all the wonderful people who stopped by table with such lovely things to say. Thank you also to all the people who commissioned me. This was a record for me, so I hope you all are enjoying your artwork as much as I enjoyed making it.

Happokaze Budo's Embu (or "Demo") @ Sac-Anime
Anyone check out that sword demo at Sac-Anime on Saturday? That was my dojo, and my husband (Beau) was totally up there showing off his sweet moves. In all seriousness, considering the surface of the stage was like the bottom of a toaster oven and the sun like lasers, I thought they all did an amazing job. (Dojo pride!)

A few fun facts about the demo...
1.Actual sword technique is designed for maximum defensive capability while removing a threat as quickly as possible. Unnecessary spins and fancy tricks leave room for openings. Although, quick draws or cutting draws are common practice.  [link]

2.The senior student (or sempai) traditionally takes on the role of Uchidachi (the initial attacker that allows the junior student to strike the winning blow) so that the junior student (Shidachi, and in this case Beau) may learn the skill or ability. It is meant to reflect the role of a nurturing parent who intentionally loses to the child so that the child may develop and grow.

3."Why do they bow twice before beginning?" (Because I was asked this at the convention). Traditionally in the dojo, we actually bow three time: Once to the Shomen (a representation of the school and the founders or instructors that came before), once to the Sensei (instructor), and once to the blade itself. Think of it as showing respect to the art, the teacher of the art, and the tool used to pursue the art. In this instance, they only bowed to the Shomen and the blade, as there was no instruction during Embu.

Special thanks to Matt for recording the demo. I may have some clips up on my next update, after my Sensei's review.

The Worst Comic Ever...?
So, my buddy Devon Mc Mindes (writer/artist of "Some People Have Antlers", the first 288 hour graphic novel with each chapter being completed on a 24-Hour Comicbook Day), is working on a script for what he calls "The Worst Comic Ever Written." Because he claims he can't write, he wants Beau to draw it, because he can't draw. I had the hilarious pleasure of reading a great deal of the synopsis at Sac-Anime, and greatly look forward to this next marvelous title. Oh, and I'll be doing the cover.

Well, that's it, Geeks.  See you tomorrow with the new strip!